Shy Blush - Pink Attraction

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Blush Palette 

Soft, shy, and sweet, Our Pink Attraction blush palette achieves charmingly delicate, pink-kissed cheeks for the ready. Apply the Klara cosmetics Shy Blush as a duo or individually for the sweetest natural blushy hue.


Create a variety of blush effects on the go with this duel pink blush palette. Whether you’re wanting a subtle hint of pink, or a vibrant pop of colour, achieve any look with buildable, highly pigmented colours. Suitable for all skin types, this soft matte finish will naturally give you that youthful healthy glow.


Blush For Eyeshadow 

Highly pigmented with a buildable, rosy colour, you can also use this blush for eyeshadow. For any girl on the go, apply these shimmery shy blush palette shades to your eyelids for a gorgeously delicate makeup look.

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