Line and Define | Eyeliner and Eyebrow Crayon

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Eyeliner Eyebrows 2 in 1

Value and convenience join to bring you the ultimate eye and brow combination. This is the best Eyeliner and Eyebrow multi-use product. With a felt-tip, liquid eyeliner on one end, coupled with an angled brow crayon formulated especially for light skin tones, 2 in 1 convenience never got better.

Ideal for achieving sharp, defined brows and eyeliner wings, Klara Cosmetics' eyeliner Line & Define is every time-poor person’s makeup essential. This liquid eyeliner is quick and easy to use, and the applicators create instantly defined brows and sharp eyeliner wings.

Best Liquid Eyeliner Australia 

The Klara Cosmetics Line & define eyeliners are highly pigmented, with no streaky application and no flaking. The felt-tip liquid eyeliner is waterproof and wears strong all day-long.

Eyebrow Line

The eyebrow crayon is ideal for spot-filling sparse areas by drawing incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes.

Ideal For

Daily makeup, day and night out, date makeup, makeup lovers, professional makeup artist, bridal makeup, occasion makeup, customised eye look.

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