Dirty Lies - Contour, Bronzer, Highlighter

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Bronzer and Highlighter Palette

Densely packed fine pigments for long-lasting palette colour.

The Dirty Lies contour palette trio will ensure you look sun-kissed all year round. The deep matte contour, shimmery bronzer, and beaming highlight add warmth and shape to the face. This Contour Palette can also double as an eyeshadow, for all you girls on the go.

Natural Glamour Bronzer 

Dirty Lies includes deep bronzer shades to give the face radiance and colour. It is best suited to deeper skin tones with its rich contour and bronze shades for the outer perimeters of the face

The Ideal Highlighter Palette 

Use lighter shades for highlighting the high points of the face.

The two shimmers add a glow to the face while the matte shade creates shadows on the face for a sculpted look that defines the facial features.

Ideal For

Daily makeup, day and night out, date makeup, makeup lovers, professional makeup artist, bridal makeup, occasion makeup, customised eye look.

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